Waste Disposal


After being on the market for a while we found that lots of customers not aware of the legal waste disposal procedure and it specifics.
So to make it clear for all times: it's illegal to access Council Waste Disposal sites in Aberdeen for any business or commercial units.
Yes, some guys try to go there but it's against the law and service providers working that way could be fined up to £5000. Need extra information on this point? Call local City Council and speak with them directly.
So the only site that companies can access legally in Aberdeen or around it is EIS WASTE DISPOSAL venue. And yes, they charge for their services, minimum of £35 for whatever item needs to be recycled, even a single chair.

However, waste disposal can be done even free of charge! And that's the good news! We will review in here all available options how you can save money on these type of services.

Ask your local council. If you are a council tenant speak to your local council and see if they can take your items FREE OF CHARGE (01224219281, last updated 06/2018). As far as we are aware they can take up to 4 bulky items for free, however, if you are a private tenant they will charge you around £30 for this service (last updated 06/2018). You would need to take items temporarily to your garden until the collection is done as now concrete collection day usually available.

Speak with Charity Shops. Charity shops like British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army Charity Shop, Cancer Research UK, Shelter charity shop, Stella's Voice, Barnardo's shop, Bosies, Sue Ryder, Save The Children, PDSA Charity Shop - all can be interested in your goods and if confirmed will usually come for pick up themselves and wont charge you a penny. However, they do have some regulations regarding goods safety standards so not all items will be accepted by them. Speak to them to find it out directly.

Ask your friend or colleague with a van. If you have any person working for parcel delivery company or familiar job it might worth a try to speak to them regarding the services you need. He might be happy to give you a hand on that however, this should be non-commercial move otherwise you can get busted.

Rent a van. If you do have lots of heavy rubbish to be disposed it's worth thinking about renting a van and getting the job done on your own as full van disposal could cost £100 or over if using legal removal company as the total charge consists of two different charges: a waste disposal charge by waste management site and a removal service itself.

Hire a waste removal service. One of the most expensive but lower involvement option. Find a local waste management company. Google, Facebook or local Classified Ads site like Gumtree would be your main sources to find any man with a van business in your location. However, you need to understand as to do this service legally removal company needs to enter EIS Waste Disposal site and not a Council Tip or Waste Disposal area. Because of this legal entitlement, any total quote for a customer would consist of 2 separate charges. A waste charge itself that starts from around £35 (last updated in 2018) and waste removal services from the removal company. One more thing to notice, EIW Waste site applies specific conditions for disposing of some kind of items and sometimes you may need even to apply for a certificate, wait a couple of days, pay extra charges to get rid of some common items, e.g. fridges or freezers or construction materials. Best bet is to call them and ask for details as they do not produce the price list for services sadly. And don't forget, entering Council Waste site is not legal for any removal company, only a private person can do Council Waste run.

Guide for waste disposal charges
Single item - at least £75 (£40 our minimal charge + £35 minimal waste disposal charge).
If you booked a move with us and just need extra to dispose of few things then minimal extra disposal charge would be £35.
Full van load could vary a lot depending on the type of rubbish (£150 and more). In some cases, waste disposal charge could be lowered depending on what you have to dispose of. We would need to know exactly what is going to the recycled.

Items we do not collect for disposal - Fridge, Freezer, Heavy Construction Materials (unless confirmed with us in advance).

Waste disposal site opening times, EIS
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday 7am-12pm
Sunday Closed
Closed 1230 till 1pm daily for lunch

Feel free to contact them for more information as sadly but they don't produce price list for waste management services so we could pass them directly to the customer - www.eiswaste.com.
Hope this cleared out the situation! If not please get in touch.

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